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When Denied Smartphone PUBG Addict Indian Boy Commits Suicide

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game where around 100 players battle it out in free for all battle where the sole survivor develops rises triumphant.
An 18-year-old supposedly committed suicide by hanging himself after he had a contention with his family members over purchasing another smartphone for playing PUBG game.
According to the report, the young person who was a resident of Kurla’s Nehru Nagar zone in Mumbai, requested a top of the line smartphone, which was estimated around Rs 37,000 to play the fight royal game.
The kid’s family declined to pay for his interest and said that he won’t be given a smartphone more than Rs 20,000. Upset that his interest was not met, the youngster took a rope and committed suicide by draping himself from a roof fan in his living residence.
An instance of incidental death has been enrolled by the police and further investigation on the issue is in progress.
PUBG Addiction has turned out to be a standout amongst the most easily proven wrong teams in India, at this moment and a portion of the ongoing developments with respect to Indian specialists being doubtful about the ubiquity of it among youngsters.
There have been different situations where there have been objections and requests to boycott the addictive mobile game, since it is adversely affecting the more youthful age gathering, particularly students in schools and universities.
The Gujarat government issuing a notice to restrict students from playing PUBG in elementary schools, while a 11-year-old from Maharashtra likewise presented a request in the Bombay High Court looking for a prohibition on the game.
A couple of months prior Google discharged its yearly rundown of Android’s best applications and games of 2018 and clearly PUBG Mobile brought home the honor in the ‘Best Game‘, ‘Most Competitive Title‘ and ‘Fan Favorite‘ categories.
Suicide is never the response to anything. Consider your friends and family before and something as unimportant as PUBG ought to never constrain anybody to take their own life.

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