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Samsung Announces 1TB EUFS Chips for Its Future Phones

Samsung has declared that it’ll begin offering the world’s first 1TB eUFS or embedded Universal Flash Storage solution for smartphone makers, controlled by the organization’s fifth-age V-NAND with large scale manufacturing effectively in progress.
“The new Universal Flash Storage offers 20x more storage than a 64GB internal memory and 10x the speed of a typical microSD card for data-intensive applications.” Samsung said in a statement.
Inside a similar size (11.5mm x 13.0mm), the 1TB chip doubles the limit of the past 512GB form by consolidating 16 stacked layers of Samsung’s most exceptional V-NAND flash memory and a recently created exclusive controller.
Smartphone clients will presently have the capacity to store 260 10-minute recordings in 4K UHD arrangement with 1TB eUFS, while the 64GB smartphones are fit for putting away 13 videos recordings of a similar size, the organisation said in an announcement.
Here’s a little table looking at changed inward memory solutions and their execution:
MemorySequential Read SpeedSequential Write SpeedRandom Read SpeedRandom Write Speed
Samsung 1TB eUFS 2.1 (Jan. 2019)1000 MB/s260 MB/s58,000 IOPS50,000 IOPS
Samsung 512GB eUFS 2.1 (Nov. 2017)860 MB/s255 MB/s42,000 IOPS40,000 IOPS
Samsung eUFS 2.1 for automotive (Sept. 2017)850 MB/s150 MB/s45,000 IOPS32,000 IOPS
Samsung 256GB UFS Card (July 2016)530 MB/s170 MB/s40,000 IOPS35,000 IOPS
Samsung 256GB eUFS 2.0 (Feb. 2016)850 MB/s260 MB/s45,000 IOPS40,000 IOPS
Samsung likewise possessed the capacity to make generous speed gains in the new 1TB capacity chip, consecutive read speeds of up to 1000 MB/s and successive compose speed of 260 MB/s.
It is venturing to such an extreme as to guarantee twofold the consecutive read speed of a run of the mill 2.5-inch SATA strong state drive (SSD).
The South Korean organization has just begun mass creating the chip, in spite of the fact that it’s questionable whether the 1TB offs will show up in the up and coming leader Galaxy S10 notwithstanding late bits of gossip.

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