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How To Verify UK, US, China AdSense Account In Nigeria.

Do you have any of the above mentioned country AdSense account?

If yes... I will show you how to verify it here in Nigeria.
Yeah! You can do that easily with this great tutorial which am going to introduce to you.

Let me first introduce to you the Latest, fast website that deals with the delivery of goods in foreign countries(US, UK, China).
They deliver goods right to your door step, they will send the goods as mail with any obstruction.

This website that deliver goods is called shoptomydoor.com. They have an offices in US, UK and China where they deliver any goods from there to any other part of the country.

Assuming you want to verify your US, UK, or China AdSense in Nigeria, you should put the virtual address given to you by shoptomydoor into your AdSense address and your PIN will be sent to you in just few days when it's available.

Let's start.
It's very simple

  •  Go to http://shoptomydoor.com, register an account with them
  •  After successful registration, click on Enter Address and fill it with your Nigeria house address or any nearby post office.
  •  Then under Select warehouse location, choose your AdSense account country
  •  After that, an address will be generated for you, then copy the address.
          Almost done
  •  Now login your AdSense account and then go to menu and click on Settings followed by Payment
  • Then paste your shoptomydoor generated address as your address and click save.
  • So, whenever your AdSense PIN is sent from Google to your US, UK or China address, shootomydoor will pick it for you and send it to you immediately for just $10 as Email or sometimes they might ship it to your Nigeria address you filled earlier.......... 
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