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Solution to blogger sites not opening on Glo network without Vpn

How to solve issues with blogger sites not opening on Glo network without VPN 

I discovered few week ago that I could not
open naijakind.com on my phone using Google Chrome and Pc. I tried a couple of others sites and discovered that while those running on WordPress were reachable, the
ones on blogger site were unreachable. This got me confused.

 First all, how do you explain that sites hosted on a Google product(Blogger) can not be reached using
another Google product(Chrome) and Pc?

To unravel this mystery, I went digging.

Screenshot of me trying to access Timigate.com while using Glo network on Chrome.

Here is the Solution!

 recently moved back to BlogSpot from Wapka, during my switch,
I found the solution to  Blogger Custom Domain Blogs with HTTPS enabled Not Opening on Glo Network.
That what am going to share with you.

As of June 2014, Glo had 27,327,646 subscriberson its network and also 14.3m active internet subscriptions.

With the data above, we can boldly say Glo owns a minimum of 13% of all users that visit your site.

So, assuming before you moved to HTTPS, you entertained 1000 users,

after the move losing, 13% would result in having only about 870 users.

Resulting in two things

  1. A drop in earnings
  2. A drop in rankings (Google, Alexa etc)
Since you are reading this right now, am quite certain you have experienced such and wants a solution.

So here is the deal!

I have created an E-book that solves everything.

is it free? - NO

and here is why!.

At every point in a Business such as blogging, you are given an opportunity more like a test to prove if your business is worth it

and this test could be financing/investing in your business.

So let's assume am giving it out for FREE then how do I earn from my own business?

publish free stuff while spending thousands daily to keep the business going? - it doesn't add up.

But then I know getting money to invest is not an easy task

so I have made it super cheap for you!.

Instead of NGN3000, I will charge just NGN1000. 

Hopefully, you should be able to purchase it and get your blog set up in minutes.

What's the proof that it will work?
If you are accessing this blog, using a phone running Glo subscription then its clarified to have worked

and if you are not.

Just meet a friend/neighbour using a phone with Glo sim and try to access https://www.naijakind.com

it's that easy!.

I need it, How do I purchase it?
Getting the E-book, is very easy!. Simply use the buy button below and it will lead you to PayStack

NGN1,000 - BUY NOW
where you can pay using an ATM card (Master, Visa, Verve), Bank transfer, GTB 737 etc.

It's time to convert that 13% of users leaving your blog into customers, sales and Adsense money.

Note: Another solution could be, use VPN but then.

How many visitors are willing to download VPN apps on their phones and why stress your visitors when you can easily get it done with NGN1000 ( USD2.76 ).

It's up to you!

I have provided a solution to Blogger Custom Domain HTTPS Not Opening With Glo

now it's up to you to implement it on your blog.

Something you should know is.

User experience + Bounce rate is cherished by Google, If users keep on bouncing back from your blog

Due to it not being accessible, then such page will lose its ranking.

Thereby affecting the entire site.

Imaging losing sales and earnings worth thousands over a problem solvable with 1000naira?

and here is more.... 

What if I move back to HTTP. it's not compulsory to use HTTPS.

definitely, that's another great option which will work out

but will not work out well!

Let me take you back to the reasons bloggers ran to HTTPS.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is a modification of the HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) standard used to allow the exchange of content on the Internet. 

The “S” stands for secure, which means the HTTP connection is encrypted — preventing exchanged information from being read in plain text, or “as you see it.

Google sees that secure signal as a strong reason to increase your rank and traffic

Metiza says that almost 50% (half) of the first 10 indexed sites on Google are HTTPS enabled.

Heres what am talking about!

If you are going to rank well against the big sites on the first page,

you have got to enable HTTPS and not just enabling it, you have also got to make it accessible on all networks

and that you can easily do by purchasing my E-Book for as little as NGN1000.

Note: Also included in this Ebook is

  1. How to enable HTTPS
  2. How to fix mixed content Error
  3. A bonus HTTPS friendly SEO bundle.
All these for NGN1000.
Have any question?

Let's talk more in the comment section. All comments will get quick respond...
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