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Latest AdSense Approval Tricks

1. Quality posts with sufficient content
2. Daily traffic
3. Sufficient content on homepage
4. Unique design and navigation of your blog
5. Important pages to the blog

Do you want your blog to get approved by AdSense?

Are you facing difficulties in AdSense approval?

AdSense approval has become of the problem most new bloggers face. It's a dream of every blogger to get approved by Google AdSense in other to monetize their blog, that is why new bloggers are looking for best AdSense approval tricks online before applying for AdSense.

So, I have decided to compose this article which will help you to get approved by AdSense and it's the super best tricks for you.

I know it's not easy to get approved by AdSense; why?
• AdSense is accepting only quality blog.

By following these simple rules, you can get approved by AdSense.

What are the primary requirements for AdSense approval?

1. Top Level Custom Domain Name.
Google AdSense like/love to approve the blog having top level custom domain. E.g .com
You can buy custom domain from GoDaddy at cheap rate.

2. Sufficient Unique Content.
Yes! In order to get approved by AdSense you must have sufficient contents, I meant, your blog must have at least 15-25 unique quality posts. A quality posts which offer reach content and can attract your readers.
You must have at least 15-25 posts and landing pages to get approved by AdSense.

3. Sufficient Traffic
Officially, its not a guideline of Google AdSense but in order to get impression for ads, you must have cute traffic for your blog. Blog should receive minimum of 400-500 page views per day. The more page views will results more ads impression which will help you in AdSense approval.

How do I get more traffic to my blog?
I know it's bit hard to get massive traffic these days due to availability of blogs|websites on the internet but don't panic- it can be done through social networks which include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp 

And other social networks available on the internet.
Share your blog articles in those social networks most especially Facebook, you can share your post links in groups with attractive thumbnail and it will derives traffic to your blog.

4. You must have enough posts on homepage.
In your homepage, keep at least 10-15 posts along with page break tags and also show popular posts and recent posts of your blog. It will increase the chance of getting approval by AdSense.

5. Unique Blog Design
Your blog design matters a lot. Your blog must have a unique design and navigation in order to get approved by AdSense. Due to poor design blogs|websites many bloggers are not getting approval by AdSense. And also your blog must have proper navigation menu for your blog posts.

6. Add important pages to your blog.
These pages are:

  •  Policy Privacy
  • About Us
  •  Contact Us
  •  Disclaimer

The above mentioned pages plays a very vital role in AdSense approval. It create trust and authenticity between you and your readers and also add attraction to your blog and visitors will love to visit your blog regularly.

With the above tricks mentioned, AdSense approval is 99% sure . I assure you that AdSense will approve your application.

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