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A Look at the Newest Google Maps Features

Google Maps is one of the most reliable navigation apps around, allowing users to be able to travel to their destinations using the best route possible while being able to discover new places along the way. Recently, Google has announced a new set of upcoming updates to the popular navigation app, with the Explore button and Google Lens integrations being the most important of these updates.
While these updates are still being developed, Google has rolled out an update that would help make commuting and navigation much more comfortable and interactive. Here’s a look at some of these updates, and how it will help make commuting a much better experience.

Music Streaming Integration

Most commuters tend to listen to their favorite music while on the way to work or school and having to switch around music and navigation apps can tend to be a hassle. Google Maps solves this problem by allowing the integration of Spotify, which enables users to be able to access Spotify while using Google Maps.
A Look at the Newest Google Maps Features A Look at the Newest Google Maps Features Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on October 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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