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Information you will need

Service Tag Number(USUALLY 7 #'s and LETTERS) which is still under warranty(!)

Their account email address.

Their name.

Their original shipping address.

(Please note by their I mean the person who originally owned the Service Tag)

Find a slave

Go to craigslist or ebay( and search for the alienware computer that you

want. In my case, an alienware m17x.

Email or if ebay message them. them saying something like:

"I don't want to be scammed anymore so can you please send me the alienware service tag number and original shipping address and I will get to

you asap."

Make sure you send this email to multiple people to guarantee someone will do it.

They should reply with the information you want. If not, a little extra work is required to convince them to send it to you. Be creative!

If the service tag is registered try other people or you can call dell and tell them that you need it changed in your name and you will need the information at the top. Like email address, name, shipping address, etc.

Once you have the information... Call up dell

1-800-ALIENWARE or 1-800-254369273

Follow these instructions...

They will prompt you for four things at the beginning.

1) First press 4. Then they will ask you if the unit was purchased before a date.

2)Press 2. That will then connect you to support. The first thing that

support should ask you is for the service tag number. Give them that number that you got from the slave you choose.

3) After they ask what can I do for you today follow the conversation but make sure you reword it. Again, be creative!

Conversation Example:

Me: My dell won't cut on... it just wont cut on. I received the laptop as a gift for my birthday a while

back from a relative and I don't really know what to do. I know all the information you need to know

about who I got it from.

Them: They will instruct you to press the power button down for a minute and unplug the system

from the wall.

Me: I did it and it still doesn't turn on.

Them: Ok we only have one option for you. You can mail it in and we can take a look at it.

Me: I have gotten blood on it by cutting my finger on the case.

(NOTE: They will not take a bloody laptop back so they will ship you a new one. Just say you got

more than a lot on it)

Them: Ok we will ship you a new one.

Me: Can you ship it to a different address because I'm currently on vacation for about 4 weeks.

Them: Yeah what is the original address?

(Tell them the original address.)
Them: Ok everything is approved and the unit will be shipped in 3-4 week

Enjoy Guys

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