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Is Nicki Minaj A Bully?

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Diesel has come under fire for using Nicki Minaj for an anti-bullying fashion campaign. Viewers of the advert are saying the choice is appropriate because that she has bullied people online in the past.
The advert features celebrities wearing slurs that have been used on them by others online. Actress Bella Thorne who is part of the advert wears a t-shirt with ‘slut’ written on it and Nicki Minaj wears a hoodie with the phrase ‘the bad guy’ written on it.
People who claim they have been bullied by Nicki are Jerome Trammel and Wanna Thompson. Trammel claims Nicki incited people to attack him after he criticised her for slut shaming.
Wanna Thompson claims she was fired at the behest of Nicki from an internship after she questions the lyrics to Nicki’s 2018 album Queen. Although Nicki denied this allegation.

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