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Blogging As The Only Online Business For Online Influencers

Let’s today look at blogging and its world of bloggers.
There’re all over one hundred thousand bloggers in the world that use the internet in the recent times as an early study suggested.
For a reason, we decided to come up with this sensitive question today.
  • Is blogging the only online business to do as an online influencer and a Webster?
Before I answer the above question, I think it will be a good fit if you knew that approximately 10% of the population of the world own a domain name, a competent web hosting to support it and in the end, they are all up on the internet to make an impact through their own specified services they do render to their followers and the internet users. Now, I could say that 6% of these websites is a blog.
Then What’s a Blog?
A blog is a web section, or a mini website which focus on reaching the general public, so as to spread out information to anyone using the internet.
A blog in a simple term is a half of a website, for it’s mainly for information purposes such as news, technology, business, and sport which are regarded as the niche in blogging.
You can share such information inform of E-book, articles, audio or videos.
Though blogging as become so popular that people don’t really know which other online business to invest on, some mistake blogging for marketing online or freelancing.
Sometimes, a good number of people in the world do have fears when it comes to doing your business online but that is a huge gap between you and your success I must say.
Let me quote The Microsoft founder here when he said that;
“If you have not taken your business online then you’remissing out on a huge lot”.
Lets now explore the reasons why several people seem to be perturbed about online business.
Why are people scared of Online Business?
There’re so many online businesses that are even more lucrative than blogging but the number of people on this business environment is reduced. You might ask yourself what the problem really is.
I suppose that could be your question right?
Read this slowly to find out why
You’re a young individual with a great business idea that worth hundreds of Grams (millions NGN), with very well laid out step on how to kick-start, setting the market & sales chains and finally getting money into the well established business you already set up in your business-minded eyes, would it be an easy step to ask the bank for a loan to actually start the business?
No, is the answer.
  • You might ask why, Why?
  • The only word is “FEAR”.
  • You might also ask why Fear.
The fear, you might have may not be for start but fear of if you will be able to make back the money you loan to the bank? Will the business progress or have success, will I get sales if am to start an online – store business and questions like that, but the primary set back at that point is fear.
How can you eliminate the enemy fear in starting an online business?
Honestly, I know you really have a mind to start whatever business you have in mind but you need to destroy the enemy which is fear, but you don’t really know how.
One thing I always put in mind is confident in what am embarking on. How? You might ask. You I try as much as possible to scale the business am about to launch and I sort out the danger involved and how to overcome it. Follow the scenario like this, look out and understand how I eliminated the fear in starting my online business?
  • Here’s the scene
I have a great online business idea, the worth of starting in total amount to 2Million and I don’t have much cash to fund the business idea and I decided to get a loan from the bank to help, but am scared I might fail, I fear the bank will be all on my neck if I don’t refund the loan as agreed.
What should I do now I ask myself?
That’s Quite easy:
I simply seat down and I draw a chart. The chart was how I would start the business and down to how it will be successful and productive.
I choose an online store and selling of a product online and I know that the risk is high and its very expensive to run and it’s a new startup, how do I deliver to people far away from where I live, I don’t have a pick up branch, delivery van or what so ever.
Am starting from zero level so how do I minimize fear? I simply cut off irreverent items from my list, cut off my fear and rescale my business plan.
  • How?
  • You might ask.
Sometimes in business, you don’t really need to start from zero percent (0%), I cut off the chain of having the physical store and I became a third party to a bigger company with the item.
So, which mean, instead of having an online store with the store where you have the product you’re selling I might decide to sell under a bigger company that has the products you want to be selling like Jumia, you partner with Jumia and you’re into the selling of refrigerators and delivery.
Since its online, your main issue will only focus now on creating an online page which is an online store, which means you’ve deducted the physical store or warehouse and buying or refrigerators in bulk into the warehouse to store for sale and to be delivered or for evidence purpose.
You’re left with just a website to develop and a marketing strategy to use in driving sales.
Right now we have reduced the total amount which 2Million for a start for an online shop to a mini amount which will now be for developing the website and for marketing purposes which can be 500k only.
That’s how I sometimes cut cost, cut off my fear and am ready to take that loan.
Why I used this method is to help an individual who is scared of taking a high amount of loan to start a business. There’s always a room for everybody. Go to the level that won’t blow you off.
Reasoning another key point and also have a backup plan for your business because anything can happen on a long run.
You can as well consider some other online businesses apart from blogging which simply means that the detailed list of online businesses below will be a very good fit for you to start out with on a very nice plain and make good income from it notwithstanding they are not blogging but they are also online businesses.
You might want to consider these online businesses to start out with
Here are some lists of online business that’s awesome that you can choose from aside blogging.
  • Graphic Design
  • Insurance partnership
  • Tutoring and mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Bulk SMS provider
  • Web Hosting Company
  • Online store/Shop
Here’s a few, you can also research more and do what your power can handle, please don’t do more than yourself.
Share the love and drop your comments below
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