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(A must Read) Five Cheap Ways To Buy Happiness

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In our pursuit of happiness, we tend to find out that happiness comes in different forms. However, there are fundamentals and effortless ways through which happiness can be gotten.
Here is a few happiness on a budget tip:

Don’t beat yourself up
Realise that failure is part of life, and anything worth doing is sometimes worth doing badly so that you can learn a thing or two. Pick yourself up when things do not go in your favour and look for a sunny side.
Happy woman. Photo: Study break magazine

This does not really include going to the gym or joining a fitfam community even if it is important to stay healthy. You could settle for a few running laps or simple home routines with a buddy where you both practice and laugh at numerous failed attempts.

Say less for complaints
Yes, there are a million and one things that are going wrong and the truth is, there is a million and one thing that will still go wrong. Sometimes, you just have let it all slide, face the music head on and do what you can. Complaining is not a game changer.

Don’t overthink the little things
Most people like to think that it must always start from or should constantly involve lengthy meditation, getting acquainted with happiness quotes and what not. Although this is good, you can also go small like going to bed early, stretching or enjoying a cool glass of water.

Do not be the last person to love yourself
Sometimes, you have to put yourself at the top of your priority list. Consider your feelings and comfort in what you do. If something or someone is going to cause you heartache while you sleep, you should probably not do it or get involved.

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