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WhatsApp Testing Mark As Read Shortcut Feature In Notification

WhatsApp has presented a large group of highlights in the
recent past, and the most topical one is the new Forwarded
name that will be stuck on all the sent WhatsApp messages
you get to enable you to decide whether your contacts have
composed the message they sent or on the off chance that it
was initially made by somebody else.One such feature that
WhatsApp has been spotted trying is the Mark as Read
shortcut include in the Notification Center. The component
will enable clients to stamp messages in a visit as read
without opening the application.

The Mark As Read include was first spotted on the WhatsApp
version 2.18.214. Prior, the blue tick passed on that the
beneficiary has perused the message and just showed up after
the individual has perused the talk in the application window.

WhatsApp’s Mark as Read basically gives clients a chance to
check a message as read specifically from the notifications
center, without opening the chat or the application. Presently,
clients just get reply alternative for WhatsApp messages in the
notifications panel. Obviously, the Reply alternative will at
present be there. Another option called Mark as Read will be
included the WhatsApp notification center.

It is likewise said WhatsApp has reported to test another Mute
chat option. This comes in after the stage was platform trying
a Mark As Read option for the Android application. The new
Mute shortcut way was found in a update that was submitted
through the Google play Beta Program, bringing the version up
to 2.18.216 version.

Essentially, the mute feature has been discharged for Android
beta clients, which enables clients to rapidly mute a chat
specifically from the Notification Center.

To constrain spam flow, WhatsApp is likewise trying another
Suspicious Link Detection highlight that will enable clients to
identify suspicious connections accessible inside their
WhatsApp messages.
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