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Nick Jonas can’t keep his eyes off Priyanka Chopra in this picture

It has finally settled in that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are dating. Setting aside the initial awkwardness, the world has come together to root for this gorgeous, gorgeous couple. 

The pair was last seen heading out of a hip restaurant in London after celebrating Priyanka’s birthday. The paparazzi were able to click a few pictures of the pair. Well, one picture from the batch has caught the internet’s attention.

In this picture, we can see Nick walking behind Priyanka, as they exit the restaurant. And it seems like he is totally checking out his girlfriend. Well, such is love! Hollywood media also addressed the pictures and Nick’s line of sight in it. What do we say? Everybody wants someone to look at them like Nick is looking at Priyanka in the picture above. 

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