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Is Skype your best Choice to Manage your Support Team? Time to re-evaluate your Choice!

Knowing that you are a business that has a steep scope of growing in the next few years, every choice you make is going to matter big. And this applies to the call center software that you choose to manage your support team as well. And because support is an extremely sensitive part of your business where you get to come in direct contact and conversation with your customers, it’s important to give the best service possible.

Choosing Skype to help you take care of all these responsibilities may not be the best option. Skype is an extremely well suited virtual phone solution for personal and individual use. But when it comes to being able to manage a team of support agents and automate a number of tasks, it quite does not work well.
And that’s exactly why looking for a Skype alternative is advisable if you have already signed up for Skype. And to give you more depth as to why Skype might not work when looked at from managing a business’s entire support team, the next section highlights of the feature wise comparison between Skype and an alternative caller Freshcaller that our team of experts zeroed in as a result of their extensive research for a Skype alternative.

Why is Freshcaller, a better alternative to Skype?

Calls to mobiles and landlinesYesYes
Group callsYesYes
Caller IDYesYes
Call ForwardingYesYes
Voice messagesYesYes
Multi-level IVRNoYes
Call recordingNoYes
Call BargingNoYes
Live DashboardNoYes
Smart EscalationsNoYes
Call MaskingNoYes
Business HoursNoYes
Wait queuesNoYes
Call routing to groupsNoYes
Call notesNoYes
Agent presence statusNoYes
Call metricsNoYes
Video chatYesNo
Send textsYesNo
Screen sharingYesNo
From the above list, I’d like to call out a few features like multi-level IVR, call recording, live dashboard and business hours in specific just so that you understand how much of your time and productivity can be saved by using these features.

Multi-level IVR

All of us know that the main crux of any support team is attending to a huge volume of calls every day. This is as such a pretty daunting task to handle. On top of this, imagine receiving calls that are irrelevant to your department only for you to transfer it later to a relevant department. On a cumulative level, every transfer costs you some valuable time and disturbs the positive customer experience too.
Choosing a call center software which has the option to set up a multi-level IVR will save you big in all these aspects. By setting the appropriate key press options, i.e. 1 for the dept. X, 2 for the dept. Y, 3 for the dept. Z and so on, you can guide the customers to reach the relevant department for inquiry all by themselves saving you and your business a lot of time, energy and effort.

Call recording

Being able to record calls is one of the most fundamental functionalities of a call center software. It helps bring about transparency and an opportunity to learn from your colleague’s conversations with customers. Also, in the case of some thoughts of difference and confusion, referring to the recordings will help get some clarity on such issues.

Smart Escalations

Not all calls can be handled perfectly well despite of an IVR being set up. That’s when the option of smart escalations can help route calls to other call queues, other teams based on availability or direct them to a relevant voicemail. Smart escalations can handle these above-mentioned scenarios and much more too.
These are almost all the features that contribute a lot towards managing a team of call center agents as opposed to focusing only on functionalities that would make sense just to an individual.
All these highlighted features along with the ones listed in the table mentioned earlier in the post, prove that businesses are looking for a call center solution that can support them to scale as smoothly as possible need to look for a Skype alternative.
In case, you want to get more detailed insights into Freshcaller and why it could be a better Skype alternative, look up their comparison page that has a curated list of differences. Also, Freshcaller allows you to trial the product for free before having to decide if or not you want to opt for it.
Is Skype your best Choice to Manage your Support Team? Time to re-evaluate your Choice! Is Skype your best Choice to Manage your Support Team? Time to re-evaluate your Choice! Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on July 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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