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[Cheat] How to activate the free Airtel 4GB Cheat

Good day Naijakindite Today i will be teaching how to get the
Airtel free 4GB data cheat. Although some guys are out there
requesting money to activate it for you, but today am giving
everything out absolutely free.


You must get a 4G airtel Sim Card, New subscribers should
just buy new airtel 4g sim and do normal registration. You will
be of asked your name, d a te of birth, state of origin, local
government, mother’s maiden name and home address.

I did mine today and it took less than 10 minutes. Also, the
sim started working immediately. Downloading speed is better
than my 3G sim.

Existing users need the following for sim swap

The airtel sim phone number.

Any means of identification: Work/school ID card,
International passport, driver’s license, voter’s card, national
id card.

You will pay 200 – 500 Naira for the sim swap depending on
the retail outlet.

Also, you will need to confirm your personal details they
already have in their database.

Sim swap takes 30 – 50 minutes because there are more
people doing it and the process is somehow longer compare
to new registration.

Free 4GB and 25 percent Data Bonus

Once you are done with new registration or sim swap, insert
the sim card into any 4g enabled smartphone and set your
preferred network to 4G LTE.

You will receive a message saying you have been credited
with a 4G trial offer of Free 4GB, dial *141# to check.

The free 4GB data is valid for just 30 days.
In addition, you will get 25% data bonus when you purchase
data plans of 500 Naira and above for the next 3 months.

Bonus data is usable only on airtel 4G network. There you
have it on airtel 4G LTE network service.

Content Source: Gistfans..........

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box and don’t forget to share this article.

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