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CHEAT - Airtel DOUBLE DATA OFFER (2018 New Working Method)

It is not new that we have been enjoying double data offer on various isp most especially mtn. 
Though Airtel have their own double data offer but it was unfortunate that not all users were qualified for it, to say majority weren't qualify for their double data offer.
Now we are very glad to share this new and working trick to get Airtel double data offer with any stress.
This method doesn't involves you tweaking your phone imei number but instead an sms code and buff, voila you're done. 

Requirement For Airtel Double Data Offer

Your Airtel Sim
Your phone (i.e any type of phone that send, receive and make call)

Then after all this are set, head over to your phone sms message and follow the steps below to get your Airtel Double Data offer for 3 month.

Kindly send sms;

Get to 141

Within some short period you will receive a congratulation message of your double data being activated.

Then go ahead and sub to any plan of your choice to receive 2x the data purchased..

Don't forget to hit the like buttonemoji_thumbsup, drop your comment and feedback if this works perfectly for you. 

CHEAT - Airtel DOUBLE DATA OFFER (2018 New Working Method) CHEAT - Airtel DOUBLE DATA OFFER (2018 New Working Method) Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on July 24, 2018 Rating: 5

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