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(CHEAT) 9mobile Social & Chat Pak With KPNTunnel Revolution VPN (Beta Unlimited)

 Wassup Guys I and my other teams have been working on bypassing the data capped. Thanks that opportunity shows up today for me to be able to announced one of our beta config file.

Beta in which essence?

So this works with 9mobile social pack. And here is how to subscribe to 9mobile social and likewise i will list the package I subscribe to with their data capped. This include but not limited to;

9mobile chat and social pak and Their Data Capped

  • 9mobile Chat,
weekly =>N150>> 300MB
  • 9mobile chat
daily => N50>> 30mb
  • 9mobile special
Chat pak=>N500 >>1.5GB
  • 9mobile special
social me pack => N700>> 2GB

To subscribe to any of the 9mobile social pack plan, simply dial *200*3*3#.
Now, we will now power it up using our kpr Config file using KPNTunnel Revolution. 

>>Download KPNTunnel Revolution Apk

>> Subscribe to any of the 9mobile Chat pack or social pack plan.

>>After that, download the KPNTunnel Config file
(1 week based kpr file) (monthly coming soon for established)

How To Import Kpr Config File On KPNTunnel Revolution 
>>At the home tab of your KPNTunnel, click on the triple dot at the right side above.

>>And again, you should see other options among which is (Config Options), then click on it. 


>>After that, click on import and locate the kpr Config file you downloaded here and select and import it. You should receive a successful importation of file message.

>>Having done all this, go to your kpntunnel setting and and ensure that the (SSH TUNNEL) is tick.

>>Then hit the start button and wait for some sec for a successful connection and you're good to go.
(CHEAT) 9mobile Social & Chat Pak With KPNTunnel Revolution VPN (Beta Unlimited) (CHEAT) 9mobile Social & Chat Pak With KPNTunnel Revolution VPN (Beta Unlimited) Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on July 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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