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How To Make a New Drive After Installing OS On Your Computer

Make extra drive or another drive from drive or any other drive after installing OS follow this method :

1. On your desktop Right -click the computer icon

2. When the menu pop-up click on Manage

3. Under computer Management click Storage

4. Under Storage click Disk Management

5. When you click Disk Management you would see things like volume,  layout,  type,  file system etc then you proceed to select the drive you want to make another drive out of it.

6. Right -click that drive a menu would pop-up and you proceed to click Shrink Volume then you enter the amount of volume you want to shrink and click shrink

7. The partition would be created as Unallocated.
Right -click it that partition and go to New simple volume >next >next then you would assign a drive name to your new drive and continue to click next > finish.

That's how to make a new drive after installing OS.

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