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How to increase PC ROM Cleaning the Entire System

Cleaning the Entire System

The most easy way to increase internal memory and speed up your computer would be to perform a holistic cleanup operation. You can use tools such as the
ST Cleaner which cleans up junk from the system, browsers as well as trash created by software and multimedia files. Use it to your advantage and make your Windows 10 experience even more better.
View System Resource Use
The Task Manager shows you how each active program and process is making use of the system resources. You can also decide if you wish to terminate any program / process. Here is the procedure outlined according to several Windows versions.

For Windows 10
1. Right-click the Taskbar.
2. Select Task Manager.
3. Click the Processes tab.
4. Click the CPU column head.
5. Right-click any item you wish to stop and select End Task .

For Windows 8.1/8
1. Press Windows Key + X.
2. Select Search and type Resource.
3. Click Settings .
4. Now you’ll be seeing the View System Resource Use in Task Manager link.Open it.
5. Here you can control all active applications. End the unnecessary ones.

For Windows 7/Vista
1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
2. Click Task Manager and open it.
3. End all unnecessary processes that you come across.
Use Resource Monitor Tool
The Resource Monitor provides you with all the details about the available system resources. Here how you can access it:

For Windows 10
1. Type Resource Monitor in the Search Box .
2. Open it from the Search Results .
3. Click the CPU tab.
4. Click the Average CPU column head.
5. Now right-click a resource-intensive item that you wish to shut down and select End Process .

For Windows 8.1/8
1. Press Windows Key + X. Open
Control Panel.
2. Click System and Security →
Administrative Tools.
3. Double click Resource Monitor .
4. Now you will be seeing all the relevant information on the screen

For Windows 7/Vista
1. Click Start and open the Control Panel.
2. Perform steps # 2-5 from the last solution.

Use Windows Experience Index

Microsoft has designed a Windows Experience Index that lays out all important performance statistics of your system. It is very important to keep an eye on this area on a periodic basis. Poor ratings means you need to replace some hardware.

For Windows 10

Microsoft has discounted this tool in
Windows 10 , however you may download third-party utilities designed to assess and rate hardware components.
ChrisPC Win Experience Index
WinAero WEI Tool

For Windows 8.1/8
1. Open Computer and select
Properties .
2. Click Windows Experience Index .
3. If you’re accessing this feature for the first time you will have to click on
Rate this computer. Also, Windows might have already conducted the analysis earlier. Click Rerun the assessment for a fresh result.

For Windows 7
1. Click Start → Control Panel.
2. Search Performance information and tools and open it.
3. Hit Rate this computer or Rerun this assessment.

For Windows Vista
1. Click Start and then Control Panel.
2. Click System and Maintenance → Performance Information and Tools.
3. Click Update my score or Score my computer.

Increase Virtual Memory

Many simple tricks exist to help you optimize your system for best performance. Increasing Virtual Memory is one of them. It basically uses RAM and the hard disk to create a memory pool. Also, if a currently open program is taking up too much space in the system memory, the system will shift several of the least used memory items to an area in the hard drive known as the Paging File . Windows sets the default paging file size. But you can change it as per your requirements.

For Windows 10

1. Press Windows Key + R.
2. Type following path and press Enter:
3. Click Advanced | Change .
4. Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option.
5. Set a new paging size.
6. Now click Set → OK→OK .

For Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista

1. Right-click on Computer and select
Properties .
2. Click Advanced system settings .
3. Click Advanced tab → Settings
( Performance
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