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How to Clone Any Website Using HTTrack


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How to Clone Any Website Using HTTrack


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Download & Install HTTrack

Install HTTrack by typing the following in a terminal.
sudo apt-get install httrack

When you downloaded and installed HTTrack, it placed it in the /usr/bin directory, so it should be accessible from any directory in Kali as
/usr/bin is in the PATH variable.
Lets type on the command line
    httrack --help


httrack < he URL of the site> [any options] URL Filter -O < location to send copy to>

points it at the website we want to copy and then direct the output (-O) to a directory on our hard drive where we want to store the website.

httrack -O /tmp/webscantest

Now that we have captured and copied the entire site to our hard drive, let's take a look at it.

We can open the IceWeasel browser (or any browser) and view the contents of our copied site to the location on our hard drive. Since we copied the web site to /tmp/webscantest , we simply point our browser there and can view all the content of the website! If we point it to
/tmp/webscantest/ , you can see  an exact copy of the login page!

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