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Gwen Stefani Surprises Pink Fans with Duet

Two of the biggest female popstars of all time, Gwen Stefani and Pink, teamed up or an epic surprise performance of No Doubt's 'Just A Girl' on May 31.

Gwen looked like she hadn't aged a day since the song came out in 1995, tapping into her grunge style by rocking tight, ripped jeans, a mesh bodysuit, and white tanktop adorned with a sequined red heart.

"Y'all don't even understand how much love I have for this chick, this rocker, this mama, this entrepreneur, this total OG badass that is Gwen Stefani," she wrote.

This actually isn't the first time Gwen has joined Pink onstage - in April, they teamed up for a duet of "Funhouse" and "Just a Girl" at TD Garden in Boston, too!

Pink's Beautiful Trauma tour continues at The Forum in California on June 1, and then will make its way Down Under for dates in Australia in New Zealand throughout July, August and even into September!

Gwen Stefani Surprises Pink Fans with Duet Gwen Stefani Surprises Pink Fans with Duet Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on June 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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