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Advantages Of TMWhatsApp Over Other MODs

1. Smooth and Fast: All of the codes were remodified which makes it smooth and faster than ever.

2. Extended Expiry Date: TMWhatsApp now takes the longest time to expire as compared to other mods that require updates every few weeks.

3. Combined Features: TMWhatsApp is a combination of all the amazing features of WhatsApp+, YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. Making it the only all in one WhatsApp mod ever.

4. Ad-Free: Apps with ads consume alot of bandwidth or data. Unlike some other mods, TMWhatsApp is totally ad free which saves over 45% of your mobile data bundles (mbs) when running the app.

5. 100% Secure: All hidden codes reviewed and removed so TMWhatsApp users don't have to worry about their privacy anymore while using the app.

6. Premium Apps: TMWhatsApp has got direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium android apps ready for download at no cost at all.

7. TMWhatsApp Group: A link to join a TMWhatsApp forum is also available within the app. Interact directly with the developer and other TMWhatsApp users worldwide. Share views and get help on TMWhatsApp.

8. Manual Update: Automatic updates are permanently disabled giving the user full control over updates. Users only update the app at their wish and when they have enough data bundle to do so.

9. 100% Free: Other mods claim to be free but they have got embedded links that redirect you to sites that require you to make a cash donation to the developer. With TMWhatsApp there is nothing like that, it's absolutely free.

10. Compatibility: As many other mods may have difficulty running on  the latest android versions, TMWhatsApp is compatible to all and runs smoothly with minimal crashes.
 Try it out yourself today to prove the above


  com.tmwhatsapp (to run as second whatsapp)    HERE
com.whatsapp (to replace original whatsapp)        HERE

ALSO NOTE:  you wish to replace your original whatsapp
with tmwhatsapp please remember to backup your chats and
then uninstall your original whatsapp before installing

Advantages Of TMWhatsApp Over Other MODs Advantages Of TMWhatsApp Over Other MODs Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on June 15, 2018 Rating: 5

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