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How To Compress Game And Files To Lowest size

So here Naijakind is sharing:-

Secret Sharing of How to Ultra/Highly Compressed any Game/files

Let's us take an example:-
Suppose i have a Game setup file of size 700mb then i can
compress it down to 90 KB......
Yes you heard right?... I can compress 700mb file into 90 KB.

How ?
Solution is:- "KGB Archiever SOftware"
The Only way to Highly Compress any files.... But it will
consume much time.... Maybe it may takes 6 to 7 hrs in compressing....
All depends on your processor and system ram :).

So guys try this software and compress any file to lowest
It will take time alot..
Open Software and start follow the steps or you may look in
photo i have attached here..........

1.) Select and file for compression and then select
compression level to maximum if you want to compress it
High COmpression = More time consumed :)

2.) Select File Format as kgb (not rar or zip)

3. Start and wait untill file get compressed......
Again i am telling you a lot of time it will take depending on
your system specifications and file size.

files those are compressed by KGB archiever will be
decompressed by same software at other end...... you cannot
decompress them with winrar or any other extractor....

How To Compress Game And Files To Lowest size How To Compress Game And Files To Lowest size Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on May 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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