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How To Bypass PAYPAL Payment Sending And Receiving Errors


To everyone who uses PayPal, you know how frustrating this is.

Be it you’re a legitimate user or just someone who wants to cashout big dirty funds. We all know that, if you contact PayPal either by phone or email.

 You will get the same response. They don’t know what/ how this is triggered because it’s automatically denied by their system.

This could mean a lot of things. I have done quite a lot of research on this.
I’ve done this on accounts on different countries with different accounts types. Personal, Premier, Business, Verified, Non-Verified, etc.

 Unfortunately, this error will always occur no matter if you earn $1M/day with PayPal or not.

This will always happen. PayPal is doing its best to avoid high-risk transaction because they are greedy.

They don’t want to lose money, if anything they want to take your money away.
However, the most common factor that triggers this error is when you move the funds too fast.

Let’s say you receive funds today, when you try to send it right away, most likely you’ll get this error.

 Other reasons are when you send money to someone relatively new.

Let’s say the account is from the US, most of the time you send your funds to other US-based accounts as well. Now, PayPal will find it suspicious that you will send a payment to a guy in Uganda.
So, to prevent this, try to have the same pattern of sending payments. Goods/ Services to the same country PayPal account. You get the point.

I have gathered quite a bit of information on how to bypass this without having to call PayPal (which is our last resort). So, first thing’s first, there are 3 ways to approach PayPal payment sending.

You use their website on your desktop
You use their website on your desktop with a different user agent. (Use user agent switcher on Mozilla)
You use their mobile application. (This is different than #2 because you’re using their gateway which is used in their PayPal Phone app.). This has the most success rate out of all 3.
Also, try to regularly exercise the following operations to have better success on sending funds:

Clean your stuff. Use CCleaner clean each option (unless you have something you don’t want to be deleted). And then Bleachbit after CCleaner to make sure everything is clean.

If you have a bank account or a credit/debit card attached to your account, try to remove them and then add them again. And then send afterwards.

Try to utilized some of PayPal’s features.
You can send an invoice to the account you want the money from or you can setup a Donation/ Buy Now button and have them pay there.
 Also, you can use third party payment processors like GoFundMe/ FundRazr and such.

Try not to send $1000 right away. Instead, do 5 increments of $200.
If you have tried the 3 steps of sending (Points #1, #2 and #3) and still failed.

Try to use different browsers, if you use Mozilla, try Chrome/ IE

PayPal will do automated fraud check on each and every account, if yours do not pass, then you can’t send the payment.
However, if you are cleared, then you will have no problems with them.
However, since this is automated, I can’t find out what their looking at in each account to flag it or not.

 One of the easiest ways for this to let the funds site.
This way, you act like a regular user and your activity is not that suspicious.

Always remember, PayPal doesn’t want to lose money.
So, you must think of ways on how to make them think you are not trying to steal from them.

The last resort for this is to call them and verify your information with them.

If you run a business on group, you must give them the papers.

If you run a business on a group, you must give them the papers.

If you run a business as an individual, then you must provide them the documents needed to verify your information.

This works most of the time but I always avoid doing this.

Try to use your account on a different user, use it on VPS/RDP, or you use a VPN, try to get dedicated IP just for that account.
If the receiver’s primary currency is dollar.
How To Bypass PAYPAL Payment Sending And Receiving Errors How To Bypass PAYPAL Payment Sending And Receiving Errors Reviewed by Pezziny Jossboss on May 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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